Breaking barriers of abuse

In 2006, Hancock County resident Susan Walsh testified in front of the Agriculture Committee in support of LD 1881, an act to give judges the authority to protect pets as part of protection from abuse orders. Walsh, a domestic violence … Continue reading

Greyhound rescue: Laura’s story

Before we adopted our seven-year-old greyhound, Laura, we didn’t know much about greyhounds. Sure, we did research, but we didn’t have much exposure to the dogs with the exception of our friend’s grey Houdini. He was a beautiful black boy … Continue reading

Dogs around town: Keeper

But Keeper’s more than just a pretty face. She’s a smart little girl. The 2.5 year old papillon came from a breeder in Maine. Keeper has another papillon “brother” named Finch and a younger papillon “sister” named Maybe. The household also has a … Continue reading